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Privacy Policy

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by Costas Satraen 09.08.2022

At onlinecasinoscyprus.com we are particularly concerned about your privacy and security as a user when you browse our site.

Therefore, we have described the entire procedure in the following privacy policy, which shows how we at onlinecasinoscyprus.com keep your data and private information safe. This way we can always provide you with up-to-date information, online casinos, news and games.

Our privacy policy covers the following aspects:

  1. First of all, when collecting information, please remember that this is both identifiable and non-identifiable information. It is about users who have interacted with our website that is legally available. Any technical information from the device you used to visit https://onlinecasinoscyprus.com/ is only collected through the use of cookies. This is done to optimize your experience with us. This technical information includes the hardware and software specifications of your device. This includes your browser type, browser system, language selected, and domain name. All other information we collect at https://onlinecasinoscyprus.com/ refers to our website and buttons leading to casinos, promotions and pages visited. This is done solely for analytical purposes, to understand exactly how users use our site.
  2. This information is immediately analyzed so that it is not possible to identify the person. It is also not forbidden to share this anonymous information with third parties, subject to privacy policies and laws and regulations in each country. Another piece of information that is completely different from the ones mentioned so far is direct personal data. This is information that identifies the user. This information includes the e-mail address (for subscribing to the newsletter), personal data for contributing to comments or for contacting the team. Depending on the needs of individual users on specific topics, different amounts of this personal data are transmitted and always kept secure.


When you use our site, you will notice that web cookies and other data storage and analysis technologies are present. They are used to determine how users use https://onlinecasinoscyprus.com/ in order to optimize the experience on the site.

Safe and secure

Onlinecasinoscyprus.com operates in many countries, and as such we are required to have a specific license for each country. To ensure this, we have undergone numerous audits and inspections by the relevant gambling authorities. The website and all players’ personal data are secured by state-of-the-art encryption methods. We are constantly working on improving our services so that our players can get the most out of what we offer, whether it is a sports betting site or a fantastic selection of casino games. You can deposit and withdraw using a variety of methods, including traditional bank transfers and electronic wallets.


Our reviews rely on more than just personal opinion and individual gaming preferences. We rely on data. Our onlinecasinoscyprus.com reviews and ratings are data-driven, making sure you get up-to-date and transparent information.

Integrity and Independence

At onlinecasinoscyprus.com you will find no sponsored or otherwise paid casino reviews. Our site has only honest and transparent reviews. We try to be as objective as possible when preparing our casino reviews for you.

Why You Can Trust Us

We attach great importance to the safety of our community, which is why every casino mentioned on our website undergoes a detailed evaluation. On this website you will find the casinos that have all the required licenses. Our lists contain only those online casinos that we consider worthy.

If our team members did not join a particular casino for their own pleasure, we would not recommend that casino brand to our users. Our reputation comes first for us, so we will always offer you 100% honest and transparent reviews.

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The iGaming industry appealed to me because I myself am an avid online gamer for over 5 years now, who loves to learn and talk about all the latest features and changes.

My goal is to share with you everything that is relevant and trustworthy on the Cyprus market – according to the principles: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthy (EAT).

As Giornalista Editore, it is my job to make sure that our team of experts at onlinecasinoscyprus.com provide a useful source of information for new and experienced players, with honest reviews, interesting features, excellent insider material, and the latest news about the market and the latest trends.